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Waimea Engineering are the only heavy vehicle manufacturing certifiers in the Nelson Tasman Region bringing you the specialist skills and experience that credibly offers peace of mind, reassurance and confidence through exceptional advice, workmanship and service. Backed by our broad experience and accreditation.

complete confidence in running with Waimea Engineering

I chose Waimea Engineering on their expertise and knowledge of building trucks, truck decks and fitting cranes. It was all about trust and coming to the right people. In the future if we had any other builds we would have complete confidence in running with Waimea Engineering.

Phil Gleeson - Eckford Engineering, Blenheim

NZ Truck-Trailer Manufacturers Federations

Waimea Engineering became a member of the NZ Truck-Trailer Manufacturers Federations in 2008. Phil has participated actively in our technical groups, providing both manufacturing and repair expertise for the various codes and standards that TTMF are involved in developing.

Kate Bucknell - Executive Secretary

design on the unit has been very well thought out

The design on the unit has been very well thought out. Making it simple and straight forward to change from front to rear. Being able to utilise the various different capabilities of having both front and rear mount crane within the same truck is a huge time saver. From job to job, we are regularly

Dan, Swap Crane Operator, Eckford Engineering

strongly recommend Waimea Engineering

I would strongly recommend Waimea Engineering to anyone requiring any type of engineering work, especially forestry, heavy motor and machinery.

Brett Thornalley - B T Assessing LTD