About Us

Waimea Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Phil Kirk on its still current site in Hope, Nelson. Phil served his time at TNL (Transport Nelson Ltd) as a fitter welder with Advanced Trade Certification, and was the last engineering apprentice to be trained at the TNL workshops.

Starting as a one man band, Phil focussed on the transport sector. In addition to his Advanced Trade Certification, Phil also holds the Accredited Manufacturing Certifier status with extensive damage assessment and estimating skills.

In 2000 Waimea Engineering was amalgamated into the Trinder Group of Companies, and continues to run under the Waimea Engineering brand by Phil.

In the years since 2000, Waimea Engineering has grown to 25 plus staff across 2 sites and is the only manufacturing certifier north of Christchurch, as well as being a preferred repairer of heavy transport equipment within the Insurance Industry.

With 30+ years in the industry, Waimea Engineering continues to be recognised for high standards of repair and alterations of heavy transport vehicles, while continuing to grow its capabilities in building new transport equipment.

Accredited manufacturing certifiers and repairers of heavy transport equipment

As the largest transport engineering manufacturer and repairer in the Top of the South region Waimea Engineering are accredited manufacturing certifiers and repairers of heavy transport equipment. We are proud to offer our clients a one stop shop.

Specialised workshop

Located in Hope, Nelson, Waimea Engineering’s heavy fabrication workshop is equipped with both tried and true and the latest plant, including a chassis straightener.

Onsite repairs

We have a range of service vehicles, which travel into the forest for onsite repairs, and maintenance of forestry equip covering the top of the South Island.

At Waimea Engineering we understand our clients need a partner who understands their needs and can bring new ideas to the table. Our team at Waimea Engineering is the only engineering enterprise in the top of the South Island with logging industry specialist skills and heavy transport experience. We consistently give our clients exceptional advice, workmanship, and service, backed by broad experience and accreditation. The result is true peace of mind, reassurance and confidence.

Phil Kirk, Director

Key Staff

Phil Kirk

Transport Development and Certification, Director AWT

Phone: +64 (0)3 544 9266 ext 3

Mobile: 027 4793972

Email: phil@waimeaeng.nz