Side Tipping Trailers

The team at Waimea Engineering utilise an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of our Side Tipping Trailers, combining the latest high quality and lightweight materials into the chassis and bin designs for streamlined use in various applications.

Operators assure us that our side tipping trailers are very simple to set up and fast to load, well-balanced for towing, and that the clean up is fast and simple.


  • Single 16m3 high capacity bin
  • Double 10m3 high capacity bins
  • Purpose-built chassis to reduce tare weight without comprising strength
  • Bins made from corrosion resistant high strength steel for reduced tare weight and long life
  • Powerful hydraulic system
  • Fully operational from the ground, or the cab with the optional wireless remote

We are the largest Transport Engineering repairer and manufacturer in the Nelson Region. We are also a preferred Heavy Vehicle Repairer to the Insurance Industry.