Heavy Equipment Insurance & Chassis Straightening

The team at Waimea Engineering specialise in heavy vehicle chassis repair and straightening. We use the latest induction heating technology in chassis straightening in conjunction with a purpose-built repair system that is both user friendly and safe. Regardless of mobility, vehicles can be set up very quickly for efficient turn around times.

The company prides itself on ensuring critical attention to detail and having robust repair systems in place to carry out major chassis repairs and alterations on any manner of heavy equipment.

Waimea Engineering have extensive experience with the repair and maintenance of Heavy Transport, Forestry and Materials Handling Vehicles. Manufacturing Certifiers Qualifications enabling tow eye replacements and minor repairs without the involvement of Heavy Vehicle Certifiers.

Experience With

  • Chassis
  • Excavator booms
  • Forklift masts
  • Wheel loader arms
  • Various cabs and frames

As the largest transport engineering repairer and manufacturer in the Nelson region, Waimea Engineering is the preferred provider of Heavy Transport Equipment repairs to the Insurance Industry.